Tenant Handbook

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Telecom Providers

601 City Center has partnered with M Networks, a specialist in the integration of technology in commercial buildings.

Please contact Building Riser Manager, M Networks, for information.
www.mnetworks.com or (415) 826-5105


Telecommunications Solutions

In-Building Service Providers

  • AT&T, Lumen, Comcast*

Fiber Optic Circuits

  • AT&T, Lumen, Comcast*

Copper Based Circuits

  • AT&T, Lumen, Comcast*

*Comcast Operational End of Q1, 2021


Wiring Infrastructure

Riser System Wiring Infrastructure

  • Multi-tenant Ready.
  • Fiber and copper distribution to all tenant-occupied floors for voice and data services.

Minimum Point of Entry and Riser Closets

  • The building has one MPOE located in the parking garage. The riser system is offset from the MPOE and all riser closets are stacked. Each floor has two riser closets.

Smart Building

  • The building is equipped with a base-building network that facilitates a wide range of smart building solutions including Gym, Lobby, and Patio Public WiFi.