Tenant Handbook

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Fitness Center

601 City Center offers Tenants access to a State-of-the-Art Fitness Center fully equipped with high-end fitness equipment, machines, and free weights, as well as room for stretching, Yoga, and Pilates activities. In addition, the space is furnished with shower and locker facilities.


Users shall use the facilities and related equipment solely for weight and cardiovascular training on the equipment provided and shall wipe off all equipment before and after use. Users shall not misuse or use the Facility and related equipment in any manner that will damage the same. Users shall not install, nor tamper with or remove, any equipment in the Facility.

No person may use the Facility unless they have signed a Waiver of Liability Agreement and on file with Building Management.

Waiver of Liability Agreement


This Facility is open to Tenants only. Guests are not authorized to use the Facility and users shall not grant access to the Facility, nor permit the Facility to be used, by any unauthorized persons. Users are permitted to bring in athletic trainers as long as they have gone through the proper channels with Building Management.


Hours of Operation

In order to accommodate thorough cleaning of the Facility daily, the Facility may be used only during the following hours:

6:00 am – 8:00 pm, M-F
Closed Sat & Sun


For additional information and Rules, please reference the Waiver of Liability Agreement.